Now Open at PDW

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No, I’m not going in to the reasons why I am not at SBG any more. Let’s just pretend the band had ‘creative differences’. Thank you, everyone who emailed me with their support. It has been a difficult time, and knowing just how many friends I have out there really made the difference for me. So, thank you.

I’m very pleased to let you know that as of today I have a new store open at Plain Digital Wrapper. To celebrate, I’ve set up a coupon for you so that you can pick up anything you may have seen at SBG but didn’t get a chance to nab, with a bit of a discount.

By the way, I’ve already sent a discount to my newsletter subscribers, and it’s BIGGER than this one. They always get the best deals, so if you haven’t subscribed yet you really should 🙂 Box up top left is where you do the deed. It doesn’t hurt, honest.

Anyway, you can visit my new store at:

Use the coupon code RRBlog1003 at the checkout to take 15% off any purchase over $4.99. It’s good for the rest of the month, expiring 31st March, and is a one time use per person. Feel free to share it with your friends too if you like, the more the merrier.