ATC Time… Again

Yep, I’ve been making ATCs again today. I have a new ‘kit’ out just for ATCing and altered arts, so I thought I’d better try it out first 🙂 I’ll add to these as I finish them, having a blast so far.

I love weekends

Woke up early this morning so I am getting more of a day than I normally do. Which is ironic since today is the longest day anyway (here in the Northern Hemisphere) – Happy Solstice!  I’m spending it reading libertarian websites and playing Mafia Wars on Facebook. I got to thinking about the Orwellian global…

Fresh Start Time

As of today, I am no longer at DSP. Today is the first day of the rest of my life, and I intend to make the most of it 🙂

Artscow – Ornaments arrived (and another coupon)

My ornaments have arrived from Artscow, and as promised here is a photo of them. I’m really pleased with them! I got several sets (I had a lot of coupons LOL) to give as presents this Xmas. One got damaged in transit, but no big deal, the rest made it here from Hong Kong (via…

Free Photobooks & Masses of Coupons!

New coupon for free Artscow books arrived today, and I wanted to share it with you. Gift Certificate Code: FREE7BOOKS Expires on: 05/30/2009 To get this special offer, please go to your member account ‘Credit & Discount’ area, enter the Gift Certificate and click “Validate”. Whilst you’re there, click the ‘Special Sale’ tab at the…